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Improve your Bottom Line –
make it Easier for Customers to Pay You

Fintech Solutions

We offer Alternative Payment Solutions through integrations with Banks, Merchants and Service Providers. Improve your bottom line by partnering with us.


We Integrate to help you Innovate. Our various integrations with Banks, Merchants and Service Providers allow us to provide innovative product solutions.

Customised Solutions

Our core system and key API integrations allow us to customise a solution for you. SwitchPay can quickly configure and develop a tailor made solution for Banks, Credit Providers, Merchants and Service Providers in the Finance and Retail space.

Activate Today!

Activate our products on your Point of Sale or Online by emailing us at contact@switchpay.co.za. If you are an existing Card Merchant of Nedbank, you can also contact Nedbank on mhe@nedbank.co.za or 0860 114 966 for activation or alternatively the product can be activated directly on your Nedbank Ingenico Card Terminal.