// subscription agreements

Allowing Customers to Pay
for a Product or Service over a period of time

Subscription Agreements is a product that Merchants can offer their Customers to pay for goods and services over a period of time. The product is offered on a variety of platforms including Online.

SwitchPay provides a Subscription Agreement product to Retail Merchants that is an alternative option for their Customers to pay for services or the use of goods over an agreed period of time, instead of an outright purchase.

Subscription Agreement is an agreement between a Service Provider and a Customer whereby services and the use of goods are provided to and paid for by a Customer to the Service Provider over an agreed period of time.  Customers can apply Online or In-store for a Subscription Agreement through SwitchPay.  Merchants can increase their turnover by offering convenient, real-time Subscription Agreements at the Point of Sale which is especially convenient for high value ticket items.

SwitchPay will link the Customers to the Service Provider and manage the Subscription application process from beginning to end with direct API interfaces to the activated Service Providers. 

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