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Banking Partners

SwitchPay has positioned itself to partner with Banks through the Open API Market Place and to integrate directly through secure VPN connections. We have integrated successfully with Banking partners on their Card POS Terminals to allow Merchant Customers to apply for SwitchPay products and to authorise merchant payments. We have also integrated with the Personal Loan Divisions of Banks via APIs to offer credit to Customers of activated Merchants. SwitchPay operates in a highly secure development and hosting environment in order to meet Bank Security Standards. In order to protect privacy of information (POPI and GDPR), all connections to outside entities are done using OAuth and encryption protocols. SwitchPay is registered with the South African Payments Association (PASA) as a Third Party Payment Provider (TPPP) with Nedbank as the sponsoring bank.

Credit Providers

SwitchPay has integrated with various Credit providers via API and Workflow integrations in order to provide a Purpose Based Lending product to the market. Activated Credit Providers include:
Ammacom Finance
Channelor Finance
Closed Loop Solutions with Specialised Funding Partners

Integrated Solutions

Our core system and key API integrations allow us to customise a solution for you. SwitchPay can quickly configure and develop a tailor-made solution for Banks, Credit Providers, Merchants and Service Providers in the Finance and Retail space. To view the range of integrated services that we offer Click the Button below.

Activate Today!

Activate our products on your Point of Sale or Online by emailing us at contact@switchpay.co.za. If you are an existing Card Merchant of Nedbank, you can also contact Nedbank on mhe@nedbank.co.za or 0860 114 966 for activation or alternatively the product can be activated directly on your Nedbank Ingenico Card Terminal.