// DebiCheck

A collection platform to
Collect Directly from a Customer Account

DebiCheck is an authorised collection platform for Merchants and Service Providers to collect monies from Customer bank accounts. SwitchPay provides DebiCheck Mandate registration services with Card and Pin on the Card POS Terminal and Online. We also provide the DebiCheck Collection platform as a service.

DebiCheck is an authenticated collection platform for Merchants and Service Providers to collect money directly from the bank account of a Customer.  The Customer authorises the bank of the Merchant or Service Provider using a DebiCheck Mandate to collect. 

SwitchPay provides a DebiCheck Mandate registration service to Merchants and Service Providers on Nedbank Card POS Terminals using Card and Pin authentication or alternatively through an Online process. We also offer a DebiCheck Collection Platform to enable the Merchant and Service Provider to collect the amounts due from their Customers in terms of the DebiCheck Mandate.

DebiCheck protects the Customer by preventing unauthorised deductions from a Customers bank account.  It also protects the Merchant and Service Provider from unauthorised reversals of authorised deductions which were done in good faith and in accordance with the terms of the Mandate and the general rules which apply to DebiCheck.

DebiCheck has been introduced by the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) to effectively replace Debit Orders. SwitchPay is an authorised Third Party Payment Provider.

Activate Today!

Activate the DebiCheck product on your Point of Sale or Online by emailing us at contact@switchpay.co.za. If you are an existing Card Merchant of Nedbank, you can also contact Nedbank on mhe@nedbank.co.za or 0860 114 966 for activation or alternatively the product can be activated directly on your Nedbank Ingenico Card Terminal.